Duska Horse Association

On horseback in the “soft” Italian lifestyle Are you ready for a unique horseback adventure in Tuscany? Cereals, huge vineyards and centuries-old olive groves are part of the famous Tuscan hills of Siena, where there is a colonial house with the scent of Italian cuisine that passes through the windows and reach us… the horses make their last effort along the hill and….then we arrive. A good shower and then we sit down for dinner. Ah! What’s missing? wine of course… Crossing across the hills of Siena, we pass by many colonial houses and you can dream about buying one and restoring it, even the old terracotta tiled flooring is included. Now imagine a good wine, dried tomatoes in oil, the different colours and spices that are a sensual mixture. That’s it… this is the Toscana Petit group of exceptional guides The groups rarely exceed eight participants. Here in Tuscany, we are in the very friendly hands of the guides and owner of the lodgings. Bright Tuscany; the sun is probably printed on all the vegetation that grows here including the wine and olive oil. It really is a magical and sacred place. It has a “soft” lifestyle and all the good things of the Earth… Les cheveaux Ici la tradiction équestre a ses origines bien avan le moyen-age,ou lon trouve differentes races de cheveaux : maremmani (cheveaux tipique d’ici, pour le travaille avec le bettail), demi-sang (pour les tipique course a crue, comme le palio de sienne), et d’autre cheveaux de differantes origine. The horses Here the equestrian tradition has its origins long before the Middle Ages, where you can find different breeds of horses: maremmani (typical horses of the area, used to work with livestock), half-breed (for the typical raw racing such as the Palio of Sienna) and other horses of various origins. A tour with us is a unique experience in terms of a horseback holiday in Tuscany and in the world. Your experience French-Italian guide, Douschka (André Besson), will give you an unforgettable holiday … This is an ideal place for a relaxing weekend or several days in total harmony with nature. We should also talk about the food! Of course we are speaking of the fine Tuscan cuisine. But what about the vegetarians? …No problem, there are all types of vegetables, legumes and fruits. What is a typical vegetarian dish?… Aqcuacotta, which has peasant origins. You can also organize a trip for you and your friends at another time and in other places: four people form a group. Our horseback trips in Tuscany are unique in the world